2023 Community Education Council Election

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Hello! My name is Alexios, I am Greek-Italian, and I’ve lived in New York since 2019. My daughter is a student at PS78Q, where I have been a class parent supporting the PTA. I am running for the District 30 Community Education Council because I am a strong believer in education as a public good.

You can find out more about what I care about and what CECs do below.

Public schooling should always be the best option for NYC students. Please consider voting for me and joining me in fighting for this cause. 

What Community Education Councils do

Community Education Councils have several important responsibilities, including: 

* Superintendents supervise school principals. District 30's current superintendent is Philip Composto

** The Chancellor is the head of the NYC Department of Education. The current chancellor is David Banks

Whoever gets elected is an unpaid volunteer and doesn’t have a ton of direct power, but the CEC can serve as the voice of parents and grill DOE officials. If a CEC is clear about its goals and effective at mobilizing, it can affect the future of public schools in the district.

What I care about

What I will do if elected

My first promise is that I will ask hard questions, organize and make noise: I have worked in government, so I am well-versed in bureaucratic processes. I am a former journalist, so I am unafraid to ask difficult questions of powerful people. I will use every opportunity to remind school decision-makers they are accountable for their decisions. More specifically, I will:


If you are a parent/guardian of a NYC public student, you will be able to log in to your NYCSA account (the same one you use to select schools for your kid to apply to) and vote starting on April 21. See the step-by-step guide below!